Sensitive skin? Large pores/wrinkles? Top Secret Ahead…

Sensitive Mixed Skin Problems.

Sensitive skin is hard to deal with, specially if you suffer from large pores because we usually try products that promise to minimize them, but they tend to dry up our face. It´s not easy to find the right product which hydrates and locks up moisture to have that healthy glow and minimize pores at the same time it helps with the fine wrinkles.

Trust me, I tried everything! when I turned 25 I started with the Clarins line, which was good for two years but then my skin started to change. As you get older it seems you need more moisture even if you have oily/mixed skin…. I have learned that MOISTURE is everything!

The weather is an important factor as well, I´ve lived in really humid cities and my beauty products tend to be more like serums and gels. If you live in dryer climates the skin can handle more dense consistency such as creams. But the truth is, mixed sensitive skin has it´s own personal needs.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I tried Clarins, Guerlain, Sisley, various other recommendations, then I went for Avene since it is supposed to be a dermatological product with thermal water but my skin was so dehydrated I even got redness patches and a rash. It wasn´t pretty. That´s when I went to a pharmacy (or you can try it at a derma store) and found one of the best facial treatments ever!!  It´s from the brand DDF Doctors Dermatologic Formula. 

Before, I had like four different bottles of beauty products on my bathroom counter. Now, only two.

  • DDF ULTRA-LITE OIL FREE MOISTURIZING DEW, as my daily moisturizer.
  • WRINKLE RESIST PLUS PORE MINIMIZER, as my night treatment

There is no way to describe how these two products helped my skin, it got rehydrated without feeling oily and the night treatment is super light and helps me with two problems at once but without the heavy feeling, and since they are dermatological it´s really soothing. I can´t live without them and I share them with everyone I know has my same problem because I know how frustrating it is when you have sensitive mixed skin. DDF cream

Another product worth trying out from this brand, is the DISCOLORATION REVERSAL MOISTURIZER for those of you who want to get rid of sun damage without having to use those strong products that sometimes are way too aggressive on sensitive skins.

Hope you enjoy this information and if you have some other products that have work for your sensitive skin, let me know! It´s always good to have other options.



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