Amazing hair without paying hundreds?

We all want long silky hair without having to spend tons of money on it,specially after dying or lighting it because it tends to get dry and damaged.

I do a lot of stuff to my hair, I go from brunette to blonde (what can I say, I need changes) but since I dye it real often I have to take good care of it.

So first of all, try to get a moisturizing mascara one week before you do something to your hair, it can be at home like the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream. This is one of my favorite hair product lines, I will tell you in a bit my next WOW product. Another option is to get a a professional treatment at a salon, Mucota is a great option, as well as any kerastasse treatment. Kerastasse has different options depending on your hair needs, but if you really have it really damaged go for Mucota, it works deeper.

Also very important, is moisturizing your hair after you get something done, the option above apply as well so is kinda do it before and after. A great way to keep your hair soft, are BB creams specially designed for you hair. I love ….. And here goes one of my favorites which doesn’t cost a lot and keeps my hair smooth and healthy. My number one ally is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in treatment, I use it every day after I wash my hair….you can use the whole product line, it does MAGIC!

Voilà having great hair, it’s not that difficult. Just remember cutting it every 3 months and use a protection before using hot appliances.IMG_2342.JPGIMG_2337.JPGIMG_1378.JPG



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