My Top 5 Books for every occasion.

As you know, it´s not only a matter of looking pretty and dress to kill, if by the time you open your mouth the charm disappears (that rhymed with no intention).  It is basic to manage information, because it gives us power, and the power of reading, is one of the greatest weapons we have in our favor when the right opportunity presents itself for us to shine in a social group.

Therefore, think of a business meeting or dinner with the bosses, and suddenly, everyone starts talking about history, art, museums….and if you didn´t prepare for it; yes, you will have a WTF face, plus, nothing to say, and of course, you just lost your chance to stand out and make an impression aside from your regular tasks at work.

So, I will share with you my TOP 5 list of books (In english and spanish, if they have both versions of it) So you start the habit of reading. I added here some novels ( if you don´t like reading, try Garcia Marquez book first, so short but so genius, the reason why I started reading). Also, I added some strategic books that will help you manage better information and open up your way of thinking. Remember start slow and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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