Cuticle Rescue. My New Revelation, OMG Good!

Hey hey hey! Today,  I´m gonna share with new my latest revelation and definitely from now on, a total MUST in my beauty bag! So this is it! Jessica Nourish Cuticle Formula.


Seriously, I end it up buying this cream because the girl who does my mani, told me this product was great if you use it twice daily, and that it could heal and regenerate your cuticle bla bla bla….same old story you hear everyday when someone wants to sell you something right?

Well, even tho I knew it might not be true, I bought the cream because I have the hideous habit of playing with my nails. So, I tried it. Every morning and before bed, and also, I have to confess that I put it on whenever I felt like messing up with my nails.

The days past….a week past…and voila! Miracle product, I didn´t need a manicure (which I usually have to get every week) This cream amazed me, seriously. I always carry with me a cuticle oil (in the photos below you can see the other two products that I use for this purpose). But, I have to admit my new favorite is Jessica Nourish Cuticle Cream. It is a great product and it comes in a really small practical presentation you can take with you everywhere, besides,  it´s not expensive at all (I got the small presentation for around 10 bucks) You can find it at beauty salons! Hope you love it like I do!

Here, my other two recommendations:










Let me know what you think, or, if you have a great cuticle product as well (I need them!)





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