Glowing Complexion? I share with you my health routine.

Beauty Starts from the Inside.

No amount of Makeup, Primers, Glow Nail Polish, Oil Hair Complex,  BB creams, CC creams, EE Creams,  and all of the alphabet can make you glow and shine if your body is not healthy and glowing from the inside. With this, I don´t mean you need to start drinking water like crazy and dieting and radical stuff. I mean, everything in balance, right?

But, yeah, there’s always a “but”, you do need to take care of your body, I’ll list a few things that you already know but it’s necessary to remember:

  • Drink water (not like 20 bottles a day, the Dr. told me is not good either) just try to have at least 3 glasses with each meal, I do this even though I don’t like water but it keeps me hydrated. As you know, that’s great for the skin, it helps to reduce fine lines, dryness and puffiness.
  • Exercise. Yes, I had to say it. If that’s too much to ask, try to walk more, or do 30 minutes of any activity you like. If you have kids you can play Kinect with them, that way you spend quality time while you oxygenize your body.
  • Smoking…Oh Yeah! those of you who smoke are really gonna dislike me right now. Sorry, but even when I have a smoke once in a while, I know how bad of a habit it is. Smoke = Gray, Opaque Skin! That easy, nothing else to say.

Now, the good stuff. Other than telling you how healthy I eat etc. I have to admit I might not always eat how I should, and most of us don´t feed out body with the nuomegatrients it needs. That´s why I´m gonna share with you, my healthy supplements daily  routine. Which I think has a lot to do with having a healthy/glowing skin.

  1. Omegas 3-6-9: Promotes hair growth. Keeps hair hydrated. Avoids hair breakage. Makes hair softer.  I get the COMPLETE OMEGA 3-6-9 at GNC.
  2. Vitamin E: Promotes a Good Circulatory System. It´s GREAT for the skin (actually skin dryness is a symptom of lack os vitamin  E in the blood) and it protects the cell membranes from oxidation (which causes aging)

There you have it, two easy side-kicks which will help you have a healthy glow from the inside out…the rest is just makeup!



2 Comentarios en Glowing Complexion? I share with you my health routine.

  1. Your blog is awesome! What a great writer! Can we have more wedding photos?

    Me gusta


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