My New Bestie! PHD by Living Proof.


Living Proof is a brand that Jennifer Aniston is co-owner of, and we all know she has amazing hair. They have an extent line of hair products, but PHD is one of the most popular products the brand manage.

It´s been a while now that I wanted to try it, because some reviews say it´s really good and some say it does nothing!

But look at Jen´s hair…it must do something right?

So, I bought this product like 2-3 weeks ago, and you know what? I really like it.

It smells good, I mean it´s no miracle but it does what it promises in the bottle, hair is smooth and polish. The thing is, that it´s not like a leave-in treatment, you actually need to style it to see the volume and texture of hair changed. I have to admit I don´t style it every single day because I have super long hair, but even if you blow dry it a bit, maybe braid it to get wavy hair, it does the trick! Hair gets this nice polish look.

I really liked it, and I´m thinking of buying the shampoo and treatment as well!

Have you tried it?


2 Comentarios en My New Bestie! PHD by Living Proof.

  1. i use the Repair shampoo and conditioner from the living proof line and am obsessed! i love her line of hair care so much! xo

    Me gusta

  2. Wish to see you soon Jennifer Aniston in London!

    Me gusta


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