New item for My Vitals! 

I found a new product that it’s almost half way down the bottle (and I bought it a month ago).

It’s Dior’s Gel Nail Coat!

This baby is going to My Vitals beauty bag! It is the best top coat I have ever tried!

I just took a break from the gelish manicure, and you know once you go gel or acrylic is hard to go back. But, when I remembered a friend recommended me Dior’s Gel Nail Polish like a year ago. So, I went running to the store to get one. I tried it….I LOVE IT!! ❤️💅

I mean, this coat leaves your nails looking shiny bling! Like gel but without harming your nails and it goes away with nail polish remover, so you can easily change colors whenever you want! Highly recommend it!!! Please try it!!

BUT first, let me tell you even though you can wear it over any nail polish color, I’ve seen it works best with Dior’s colors, it stays longer.


So, I bought the classic Dior Rouge 999, it’s just beautiful! So good for get aways and holidays, such a great color that goes with everything! I also got Pampille 192, that’s a pearl color with a hint of classy glitter.

These three basic tools are just perfect for whenever you are in an emergency or in vacations…they work great with any style and the gel coat will give you the look of an expensive mani but only you will know it was DYI homemade beauty!



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